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What be your pleasure? A cabin in the woods or a four-star hotel. Plush pillows or waking up to the call of the birds outside the folds of your tent. We offer a choice. Anything you like. Just follow the Kennebec River up 201 and you'll find any number of places to rest your bones.

From the homey comforts of a bed and breakfast in Hallowell or Gardiner to a hotel in Augusta. Up the road apiece you'll find four-season cabins and summer places on the shores of Belgrades famous lakes. Along the road a bit further take the track less followed and camp in Lake Georges State Park. If you are bringing your RV we can find a place for you to pull in just for for the night or maybe, for the summer.

As you head more towards Jackman and Rockwood things definitely take a more rustic and hand-hewn feel, but comfort is never put aside and hospitality always comes first. In fact, many (if not most) of these roadside camps, lodges and inns offer a full selection of services including wireless internet; but we know that's not what you came for. So get out there and have some fun.

Hikers and trekkers are not left out either. There are so many great places along the way to where you are going where you can find a place to pitch your tent. We invite you to Come. Explore all that we have to offer in the Kennebec and Moose River Valley's of Maine. Spend a night or spend a lifetime.

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